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The most frequently asked questions about Bergamot Australia 100% Pure Organic Bergamot Juice – The Original and the Best

Before we answer all the most common questions, we need to emphasise that it does take a little time before you start to see results – so you need to be patient and persevere, as you shouldn’t expect an overnight miracle!

You need to allow 3 or 4 months of regular, daily consumption of 100mL of our Bergamot Juice before there are noticeable changes and benefits.

Bergamot reduces the amount of lipid (cholesterol and triglycerides) consumed through meals. In addition, it reduces the internal formation of cholesterol. Finally, Bergamot helps glucose entry into the cells, thereby producing benefits in patients suffering from metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

In many countries (Italy, Australia and USA) more than 20,000 patients are currently taking Bergamot.

To date, we have not significant side effects have been reported.

Many of patients taking Bergamot, are also taking statins or drugs acting on cardiovascular system. No significant changes in their therapeutic response have been found to date.

Many patients studied in clinical trials published in specialised journals include those undergoing coronary bypass or stent procedures – Bergamot shows beneficial effects on blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

Bergamot has to be taken before meals, since it reduces lipid absorption in the gut.

Bergamot is the only natural compound that works simultaneously on cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose. It can be taken together with other natural compounds because of a peculiar mechanism within its action.

Bergamot contains extremely large amounts of polyphenols, as compared to other citrus species. Two of these – Brutelidin and Melitidin –directly inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis in a way similar to statins, and they are not found in any other citrus derivatives.

Experimental studies have recently revealed that bergamot extract may have a protective effect on brain tissues.

Recent studies have also shown that antioxidant molecules contained within Bergamot may produce relevant effects on chronic inflammatory disorders and complement the effect of prescribed medication for reducing pain sensitivity.

If you are on a statin, you should never stop this without your doctor’s permission and supervision.

If you have been taking statins for any length of time, sudden cessation may lead to a marked rise in cholesterol over the initial levels. This is because statins block the last step in cholesterol production and when these are stopped, there is often an over-reaction of the blocked enzyme system lasting for a 6-8 week period. A natural product, such as Bergamot, is not strong enough to overcome this effect initially, and would not be expected to reduce cholesterol for at least 2-3 months under these circumstances.

From the studies to date, there is no known interaction between Warfarin and Bergamot.

Bergamot has some similar antioxidants to grapefruit– however, grapefruit has a profound effect on the metabolic pathways within the liver, thus blocking many drugs, whereas Bergamot does not appear to have the same effect and therefore appears safe to take with all medications.

Bergamot has three main modes of action.

Firstly, it works to block the rate limiting step in cholesterol production known as the HMG CoA Reductase Enzyme, which is the enzyme that is blocked by statin drugs. Bergamot works at a different site on this enzyme, and therefore does not appear to affect the muscles and the liver in the same way that statin drugs may do. It does, however, have a significant reduction in cholesterol through this first mode of action.

Secondly, Bergamot works directly on the insulin receptor, thus affecting the metabolic syndrome, i.e., the combination of the tendency to diabetes, high blood pressure, specific cholesterol abnormalities and abdominal obesity. All of these factors contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Thirdly, Bergamot blocks cholesterol absorption in the gut similar to the plant sterols found in some types of margarine and avocado. This is the major reason why it is important to take Bergamot before meals, i.e. to block the absorption of cholesterol and other fats following the ingestion of a meal. Bergamot will still have an action – though not as strong – asif it is taken after meals, but certainly if you forget to take it before, you should still take Bergamot later.

It does, but not as much, as it mainly works in the liver and that is precisely how it acts on affecting the cholesterol pathways in the liver. It also has some peripheral metabolic effects but they are not as profound as within the liver.

It has an effect on blood glucose because of the direct effect on the “energy receptor” on the cell surface. Apart from the brain, for glucose to enter the cells – and, in particular, the muscles – it has to enter via a receptor which I term the “energy receptor”. Insulin is the doorman that opens the door, to facilitate the entry of glucose and other nutrients into the cells. In people with metabolic syndrome characterised by a tendency to diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, abdominal obesity and cardiovascular disease, the energy receptor is partially jammed and the only way the body can respond to this is by making more insulin to enter into the cell. Bergamot acts directly on this receptor to facilitate it opening, and thus allow more sugar to enter the cell. This is probably why it also helps to reduce blood pressure and increase HDL.

Bergamot activates AMPK which is the metabolic trigger for the breakdown of fat and sugar in the body. AMPK is considered to be a key therapeutic target for the treatment of obesity, Type II diabetics and metabolic syndrome.

Waiting approx 3-4 months appears to be ideal for testing – especially after weight appears to be stable. During active weight loss, cholesterol levels often temporarily rise and give the impression of no improvements.

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